Personal Training

Activate Health have a very a flexible approach to personal training

Our aim is to help you achieve your health and fitness goals or specific training needs, it enables you to have a personal service at a time and in a way that suits you. This can be carried out on a one to one basis or in a small group, in a private or gym setting. You have the opportunity to be in total control over your health and fitness, activity or nutritional needs and goals.

‘It’s all about YOU’

You will have an initial ‘Health and Exercise Consultation’ and then appropriate advice will be given according to the findings and the achievements you wish to make; Whether you are training for something sports specific, a charity event, wanting to participate in a weight management programme or just wish to be fitter and healthier in general a personal training programme can be tailored to help and guide you in achieving these goals.

your goal maybe to:

  • Fit in to an old favorite pair of jeans again
  • Be able to walk to the shops without getting breathless
  • Tie up your shoes laces again
  • Maintain an independent lifestyle after illness, accident or surgery
  • Run a marathon!

How can it work for you? 

One to one personal training sessions, family or group training sessions, personal support using written programmes, telephone or email contact. Almost anything is possible.

No one size fits all 

Everyone’s needs, requirements, circumstances financially and goals are very different. How goals are achieved also varies greatly. Some people are able to have one or more sessions a week; others once a fortnight or month for regular support, technique checks and progressions. Some people keep a log and E-mail for progressions, this is the beauty of personal training it is just that ‘personal to YOU’.

Q. Who could benefit from a personal training programme?

A. Anyone! (see examples below)

Children and adults suffering from weight management problems;

Obesity is a rapidly growing problem which causes all sorts of health and well being problems, mental health issues and mobility disorders. It is an independent risk factor for developing coronary artery disease; it’s not too late to take control of this serious health risk factor.

Children and adults wishing to participate in a sports specific event and need extra assistance;

You may have a coach or trainer within your specialist field, for many reasons this doesn’t always bring out the full potential in an athlete, some times an outsider can spot the areas for improvement or use a different approach that has positive effects.

Pre and post natal ladies;

In today’s society more women are conscious of their health than ever before, and adopting a healthy lifestyle during and after pregnancy is crucial. It is important to know that the people who advise you about lifestyle, activity or nutrition during this time are as up to date and as well qualified in this specialist field as possible. Whether this is your first child or you already have a family and busy lifestyle to juggle around, the programme can be geared to the time you have available.

Rehabilitation purposes from accident, illness or surgery;

Example: Approximately 11 million working days are lost each year in the UK as a result of musculo-skeletal disorders, back pain and associated conditions. Through careful management and training this pain and discomfort can be reduced or cured. In a large percentage of the population that suffers with skeletal disorders, poor posture, misalignment and weak muscle tone can be the underlying cause.

‘Anyone for any health reasons can benefit from personal training’

All training programmes are structured to maximize potential, they are progressive and tailored to suit the individual’s needs, and they are not mass produced.

A programme will generally consist of an exercise programme or exercise advice, safe effective stretching exercise sheets with teaching points included, and/or postural stability exercises.

There are variations to this as each individual’s needs differ greatly.

A training log or diary can also be provided if the exercise professional feels more monitoring is required, sometimes enthusiasm and motivation is low and keeping a log can give a boost, it can also be an effective way to increase activity levels, or control dietary intake.

Alternatively you may wish to take a more holistic approach to your exercise prescription. Not everyone needs an exercise programme some people may require alternative therapies such as a relaxation programme or stress release advice either way you can rest assured you are in safe hands.