Health Consultation

Q. What is a Health Consultation?

A. It is an information gathering process that once completed enables the health professional to offer the best exercise prescription 

The process is broken into 4 stages:

1. Gaining a subjective history from each individual

  • Personal details, habits, exercise and medical history and medication

2. Considering the participants aims and objectives. What do they want to achieve?

  • It may be as simple as “I want to be a bit more mobile” or “I’d like to walk the dog without getting breathless” 

3. Taking various health and fitness measurements

  • Blood pressure, heart rate, weight, lung function and other measurements all will be discussed and agreed between the participant wishing to exercise and the exercise professional 

4. Giving advice and/or prescribing an exercise programme

  • Taking into consideration all of the above information the exercise professional will design an appropriate programme covering frequency, intensity, time available and type of activity best to cater for the individual’s needs and requirements.
  • The consultation takes approximately 30 minutes and is conducted in a private situation, either in the individual’s home or place of choice or at the suggested venue of the exercise professional, all information obtained is kept strictly private and confidential.
  • It is possible to have a reduced rate consultation if you have a letter of referral from a consultant or GP. Please ask for further details regarding this if you live in the County of Shropshire.