Adult Education

Q. Who is this aimed at? 

A. Adult Education and Activity Programmes are designed for Adults with Learning Disabilities.

It is also for any one working with or involved in offering or delivering services to community groups with special needs. Below is an over view of the 6 week rolling education and activity programme suitable for adults with learning disabilities.

(Each session lasts approximately 1 hour)

  • Week 1 – The benefits of physical activity and exercise
  • Week 2 – Understand nutrition and healthy eating
  • Week 3 – The Muscles
  • Week 4 – The skeleton
  • Week 5 – The heart (including taking heart rate reads & blood pressure measurements)
  • Week 6 – Recap above programmes includes quiz and presentation

All sessions promote physical activity by using a ‘theme’ which provides a practical yet fun approach to learning Health and Fitness principles. The programme has been set up based on the National Curriculum (NC) requirements in PE, Science and English and has been adapted to suit the needs, requirements and abilities of the target group. This is also achieved through continual observational assessment and monitoring the responses and enthusiasm of the participants. The content has been based on the NC to produce a structured evidence based package.

Programme aims:

  • To deliver an appropriate understanding of human Physiology and Anatomy
  • Encourage positive attitudes to health and well-being
  • Provide safe, effective, enjoyable exercise sessions based on the education provided
  • Offer a structured programme with certification of attendance

It is recommended that the exercise professional has a meeting with each group pre start date this will enable us to obtain any special medical information, view the proposed venue for suitability and meet the participants.

A maximum of 12 participants per session is recommended with a minimum of 2 carers/assistants.

Each session can be adapted to suit individual needs or group requirements; we can use other ‘themes’ for special events if required.

‘It’s only not possible if you don’t ask!’

The cost of each programme will include all overheads and any resources used and a full evaluation is carried out at the end of each programme.