Company Profile

Tracey Oliver established Activate Health in 2005 as a result of being made redundant from the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital (RSH) Exercise for Health Centre. It would have been easy to move to a main stream gym, but after working in the Hospital environment and making such a difference to so many people’s lives, it was important to continue trying to help and advise people that need a little more TLC and specialist knowledge. Encouraging positive lifestyle changes and advising on appropriate exercise has become a way of life.

Investing time in improving your general fitness is an essential requirement to increasing overall health and well-being. The thing that is different about Activate Health is that our passion is for improving general physical and mental well-being enabling people to achieve everyday chores and activities more easily, we’re not just catering for individuals training for a sport specific event. People from all walks of life with very different needs and abilities can successfully achieve their goals. You may want to play with the Grandchildren without getting out of breath or wish to feel confident and stable to be able to walk the dog again. You may wish to participate in a race for life event or need to be helped back to fitness from an injury. What ever your needs we can help to make a difference.

Some people feel intimidated or have misconceptions surrounding ’exercise’ particularly in a gym setting, your only experience of physical activity may be a negative one, but with appropriate advice and encouragement tailored for each individual successful changes with positive results can be achieved. What we have to remember here is that no one size fits all.